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Any fields that you answer, "no" to don't do birth essex speed dating events, don't have references speed, etc will not show on the doula bios that are handed out to clients. If you want to bring any promo materials along, please limit them so that parents arent' swamped: If you are substituting last-minute for another doula who is unable to make it, the same fees apply. Listed below are the services that are common to all doulas who attend Doula Speed Dating.

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Black and white or greyscale, close-up face. Take some time to give all the information and files you can. However, this event is open to the queer community as a whole, not just monogamous couples.

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The Doulas at this event have all been hand-selected for their dedication to birthing families and their LGBTQ-friendliness. I have ample availability in the six months following each of the events that I am applying for.

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My practice is full in the six months following each of the events that I am applying for. Payment is made via Paypal. Some doulas dating provide parents with a copy of the birth story as they saw it unfold.

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Earlier than Mon, Jul 7 - no fee. It's smooth sailing all-round.

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I am currently practicing as a doula. Do parents have the opportunity to meet your backup?

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To avoid last-minute fees, make sure you have Prearranged Backup see registration form for details. Do you work as a team with another doula or doulas? If the doula you are providing backup for is unable to make it, and you are returning to pay your fee, please finish by selecting "Complete Registration". All doulas must have completed training with a recognized doula training facility i.

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If you want to advertise your certification at Doula Speed Dating you must provide speed dating registration form of certification. Do you rely on the wider doula community for backup? You can bring a copy of your references along with your other promo materials due 3 days after your registration to have them included in the parents' package.

If you have more certifications than there are spaces, please email the remaining files or links directly to info DoulaSpeedDating. All fields marked with a red star must be filled.

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She will select the "Prearranged Backup Doula" option from the payment options above, and fill out the rest of the form as usual. Whether you are a queer single-mom, transgendered, intersex, an adoptive couple and birth mother, newlywed dykes, unconventional queer extended family, or a BDSM couple, you can feel confident coming to Doula Speed Dating. Prearranged backup doula registration saves your wallet from emptiness and our heads from aching.