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Matchmaking evolve, also on gamefaqs...

You may have to wait and see if the matchmaking evolve big patch will change anything.

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Only if shuffle players with different skill, mean skill will stay constant in most matches and will be possible to balance it. The first is that the party configuration does not evolve them to complete their daily mission, to be denied access to the role as they need. What's needed are changes to the way the matchmaking system works, so that people aren't put into situations where they're being asked to play the absolute last pick in their preference list.

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I'm wondering if there are some idiosyncrasies in the way XB1 connects over Live that is making the online multiplayer aspect of these games unstable. That is probably it.

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On top of that, the restart vote is broken since the monster only counts for 1 vote, so even if he's winning and nobody leaves, hunters can just vote to restart the match all over again, glad I didn't see people abusing that for the moment.

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That would be a problem with monsters being unbalanced, not the player base. Seemingly regardless of preference. Started frapsing all the vietnam matchmaking tour i got for about 24 hours or so and put the clips together.

That happens to me too I usually just restart my router and it works fine sometimes it's a pain in the ass but I totally get matchmaking your coming from. Don't you think it would be easier to give people what they want, as opposed to trying to force them to do something they hate?

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Game can be balanced only with both high and low level players in team. And premade groups can't become monsters.

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Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Why are they not changing it like, if someone leaves, the party can vote to evolve the match, that way people will stop being thrown in an already started game. I hope that readers also input your own.

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Yes it is https: Don't have an account? When I'm by myself, I always find a game pretty quickly, no problem. One more thing, the matchmaking is even more broken, I've queued with another person and this matchmaking got the monster while I'm the trapper, Wtf?

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Last edited by Darth Warez ; 21 Jul, I would also think that the X1 has the smaller population, making it even slower, but I haven't seen any actual numbers. Monster skill have no big influence on balance if compare with hunters skill influence.