Hookup list revenge Boy Gets Revenge On Sister By Posting Her ‘Hook Up’ List On Facebook

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Just commenting how it's the same slapfight again as I saw before. Well, while I do have a pretty good memory and I did recognize this one, I just used karmadecay to hookup list revenge all the dups.

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Ever wonder why reddit is nothing but reposts? Comments and submissions that do not violate site-wide guidelines are allowed, and left to the community to self-moderate via voting. At least she kept it to herself. People have too much free time if this pisses them off. Reposts will be removed at the moderators' discretion. Don't have an account? Everytime I have seen it, canada hookup sites has been that a guy posted it about his sister; your point is invalid.

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Also, if Chris lives at home and is getting in trouble for having beer instead of something fruity, it's more likely that Chris is male. Girl rats out her brother and gets him grounded. It spread fast then as well.

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Steal from SRD adding choice quotes! I kinda think they're the worst and they really best hookup tips me. One thing I have come to understand not like is that a human being can justify anything in his own mind. He's effectively branding her with a scarlet letter, because she reported him to the law when he did something wrong.

Dramatic everything from anywhere Come chat with us! Despite the fact that it's an obvious re-post, it was a GUY hookup site promo posted the picture, not a girl.

Posts are automatically archived list revenge 6 months. To quote the wise words of the Wutang Clan, "Don't start nuttin', won't be nuttin'. This includes pictures of text with irrelevant images and photographs of signs that have no relevance to their surroundings.

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Surely 50 different people can't be wondering about the origin of my username. Trying way too hard to get in to her journal.

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I mean,yea, in college, you got laid, but these kids have taken casual sex to a new level. I'm pretty sure I saw that same image posted to the SA forums many years ago. Then again, that was before the Internet. Heh, might be a generational thing. I know more females with non hookup dating apps name Chris than with Katie or Britney. Pepperidge Farm Karmadecay remembers.

Yea, if Brian only cut his hair Do not directly link to sites known to host dox. These kids see more action by the time they graduate high school than my generation did even in college.

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Dude, I hookup know if you had siblings or not but growing up, snitching is a straight up betrayal. I mean, it's high school and askmen hookup sites won't follow her forever, but do you remember how much it felt like it hookup list revenge Or are they just methods by which I can look up cats and boobs? New "Subreddit Of The Month": Originally Posted by Shiny Lil Detlr. Are you saying that the internet has things besides cats and boobs?

Do all teenage girls do this?

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I got the feeling it was a dude, though. Other NSFW content must be tagged as such.

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We won't remove posts where the humor is crappy or unfunny that's a subjective judgementbut every post must make at least some attempt at humor. On top of that, judging by what's said, the parents don't have Facebook, so now everyone that knows about this has blackmail material on her, and you know some asshole is going to cash in. Your username is how other community members will see you. Here are some available suggestions. Of course they do get bombarded with that stuff in music, tv, the internet etc.

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