Hook up car amp Installing a DIY Car Amplifier

Hook up car amp

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Make sure a large fuse is in the fuse holder. After you have the stereo out, look at the back of it.

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When looking at speakers and amplifiers, do not look at the peak power. After sydney hook up forum have your subwoofer system set up, you will hear much better sound from your stereo.

Step 1: Get a Amp

Run the wire from the interior of the vehicle, through the hole and to the battery area, being very careful to avoid pinch points and moving parts in the engine bay. Wherever possible, try to use existing holes, following an existing wiring loom.

The bigger ones also handle lower frequencies better too. So what hook we need to do this?

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If the box has its own connectors on the outside, make sure they are wired to the speaker inside. A wrong move here could puncture the tank, amp a spark and set your vehicle on fire with you in it!

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I will show you hook up nj to do this with an aftermarket head unit stereo. What we want is as pure a signal as possible.

Introduction: Installing Subwoofers in a Car

If you are unsure then consult a professional. We will start with wiring the power from the battery. This is pretty self explanatory, but for those who car amp know: Now with car head unit at maximum undistorted volume move on to the next component.

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Installing powerful subwoofers into an older vehicle puts a big strain upon the metal panels of the car, and the welds holding the panels together. A bit of slack in the cables is better than having them too tight.

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DebH57 author bmlbytes Reply It is important to get the power from the battery and not the fuse box. Make sure the inverter can produce a volt DC output at the specified amperage rating. Ensure the ground wire connection is to bare metal.

Step 1: Parts

Car amp installation requires that all hooks of panels be removed and that various wires be run all over the car. You will need to run the 16 - 18 gauge wire through the back of the center console too. In most cases, the main power wire to the battery will have to pass through the firewall. What amp are you using? This should be audible even with earplugs in.

The final step is to go and connect the power cable to the battery. If anyone can help me with the wires.

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It usually requires you either take off the front of the center console, or you use a tool to slide the stereo out of special clips. Because some songs for example have 2 different base line so that when one you have tied in the speaker wires to the radio, you will hear something different from when you tie it into the rear speakers.

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