Dating with erectile dysfunction What to Do When You’re Dating a Guy with Problems Below the Belt

Dating with erectile dysfunction, don’t make it about you

There is a huge difference between an avoidable reason and one that is unavoidable. Cultivate a positive attitude I think you already have one and DON'T let rejection from some women bring you down.

Get to know a woman first before bringing this up and if she likes you for who you are, and if she doesn't have a high libido I think you'll have better chances of success.

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And by the time I realized there was an issue it was too late. You will be surprised.


I thought for a long time that I was suffering from Post SSRI sexual erectile dysfunction, but I went to a specialist who thought it might also be possible that I hurt myself mountain biking. I do think the fact that I have anxiety over my issue causes it to be worse, but I don't think it is causative for my problem for two reasons.

In order to get to the bottom of his problem you need to examine the factors that could be causing dating sites for those with herpes. I have ED and it began in my early 50s as a dating with of cycling. People are talking about this subject on my Naked at Our Age Facebook page http: Even with my ED problem though I can still enjoy sex, just not as much as before.

Now this all sucks because otherwise I am a normal and fairly successful 28 year old man. Then a platonic male friend told me that at our age, erectile dysfunction is a problem, which is why these things happened to me.

I can never get the head of my penis hard, and likely have damage to one of my arteries, but can get the shaft hard with viagra or cialis. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Some of the best Dating someone with divorced parents Catalog Articles!

Originally Posted by lululucy. The fact you like to give oral sex is a mighty big plus for you as well. Share Share this post on Digg Del.

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But those of us who think sex is a high priority, see no reason to be saddled pun dating someone with tbi a partner who places a higher value on his relationship with his bicycle than his relationship with his lover.

ED made me much better in bed. Then you'll be a millionaire from your idea, and have a great erection to boot.

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So, I thought it was just that. SSRI's don't cause "impotency". I have difficulty maintaining an erection. Just say what you want, please.

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I'm sure you can find a woman who will love you for who you are on the inside first and foremost, and work with you in getting a sex life that can be satisfactory as best it can be with your condition. The fear, desperation, and shame associated with these periodic bouts of impotence was a gift. Sometimes I feel it is wrong for me to date but I really miss having a relationship. Dating and erectile dysfunction.

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Do you really want to be hashing it out tooth and nail every time you want to renovate the kitchen on his dime? However, I think the kind of woman that dating with erectile dysfunction be most compatible with you would be a woman with a somewhat low libido. When I was 23 I had a relationship end that had lasted 5 years.

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And then I've seen on some sex toy websites, all other varieties of devices that can be worn over the shaft to add firmness and support to a penis that can't get entirely hard on it's own. On the other hand if you find your date no different from the many other guys you have dated and you do not feel that he particularly meets your relationship priorities, then you can ease yourself out of this sticky situation with little or no guilt.

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She tried a few more times, couldn't deal and bailed. Other medicines cause low sexual function, especially the anti-psychotics.

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You need to stay tuned to what's out there as far as erection aid devices are concerned. Hopefully this will help me.

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Not that you necessarily need that, but just saying that it would. Keep in mind I am single, so I think its different then when a couple stays together after years of marriage. Among the many symptoms of male mid-life crisis is erectile dysfunction and this could be true of your date also.