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The guy who has a guy with will make you want to forget. Lissa Reed 7 December at Is he for real? We are now back together, but even though he added me back as a friend on FB, we live together, he has me blocked.

Learn to be a person that can be trusted and honest. I'm dating a guy with a girlfriend Are you actually an dating You can be everything he wants you to be, but if he lost interest some time ago, you are just wasting your time. I thought I was smarter than this. She confides in me a lot, and has openly admitted to trusting me more than her boyfriend, seeing me more often than her boyfriend, and I seem to be picking up the pieces after he hurts her which he does quite frequently.

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He was married to one of hottest women on the planet, but he was a big-time cheater with lots of women. Eventhough were quite intensely close lately he is also hot and cold to me — some times he will be all chatty and caring and other times hell be distant.

I feel betrayed, hurt, lost, and very lonely. Remember, guys are not that complex. Anonymous 4 December at I had to come up with a subject of conversation fast because the awkwardness was too much to handle.

7 Lessons I Learned From Dating A Guy With A Girlfriend

I met a girl who goes to the same educational institution as me, and I liked her from the off, on the sense I found her attractive. I respected this and we kept chatting until we were becoming too close and connected.

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Currently, dating with girl in mumbai are lovers. I have given up hope. So for 3 years he lied to her and for 6 months lied to me AND her.

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BoyfriendBroken HeartCheatingSeries: They've only been girlfriend for like a couple months. Miss Insecurity is dating Mr.

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Boys will always be boys. I was pregnant with my daughter, we had just had a big bow out, he was upset that he was away at this training school and not with his family.

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I asked him if he was Gay…. We're all about your life here on Gurl. You got to be tough because there are always people who will hate you for being the third person who eventually won. I on the other hand do have a great relationship with my boyfriend despite this situation.

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Breaking Up 15 things you learn from breaking up with a friend. So my Summer was ripped from under my feet due to a similar situation and it still continues off and on today.