Hes dating the campus nerd HE'S DATING THE CAMPUS NERD

Hes dating the campus nerd

I love my brother so much that I want him to succeed in life without me.

As I take my step closer to him, my heart datings the campus nerd faster. I was staring at his lovely face—his face registers amusement and affection and I can't help my tears from falling, I'm so happy.

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I can't leave them, I can't leave him—just not right now. Because everyone sees it as a nightmare and a complete crap and I see it as a trap, because what's even worst?

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I never imagine online dating fish in the sea in an elite school would be hard, given the fact that I'm not one of them.

But of course, it's not.

Na parang sa fairytales lang nangyayari lahat but I was wrong, nothing is more perfect than seeing the love of my life standing and waiting for me in the altar. No worries, lies and pretentions. Is forever really enough?

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There are instances when you've imagine things like, What would our kids look like? I love them of course, but I love my family more. Tumingin ng higit pa.

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That's what I'm feeling right now, I was nervous but happy and I'm excited. It made everyone speechless, mad and it was just the talk of the town. Let's rephrase that, I just feel invisible.

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I smiled as tears fall from my eyes. Hindi na to pwedeng maulit—and of course, I know if its my time already.

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I breathe in and out and smiled, they can live without me. What kind of game is this he's playing? This is beyond perfection and I couldn't believe this is really happening. Gino, he's a smart boy.

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Ganto pala talaga yung pakiramdam, na lahat tama. And of course, Nathan.

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I'd always feel unwelcome because I was a commoner. For them it was the worse, who would actually date a nerd?

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I am the Campus Nerd. Kahit ata tumabi lang ako sa kanya buong magdamag, okay na okay na sa kanya yon.

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Again, I smiled and looks at my family.