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They decide to go to the beach for real this time.

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She and Max even talk about having a tea-shop tour of Portland. See here for a list of all diary entries related to Kate.

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Finally, she exerts her power to the degree that she can stop time, which allows her to make it to the roof. At Blackwell Academy, a distraught Kate will be seen talking to Mr.

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Who is going to win? He confesses that he and Jill have really hit it off.

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She seems to have a positive relationship with them as well. Life is Strange Characters. Way to go Brad and Jill!

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As he enters the house, he is carrying a guitar case, so it is abundantly clear what his gimmick is dark to be. When she exited the dorm, she saw Kate's body on the ground surrounded by paramedics while the police kept the crowd of students away from her body.

Retrieved from " http: Also, hospitals do usually have underground storm shelters, and Arcadia Bay is known to have a lot of bomb shelters. Brad gets to go on a second date, as Kate invites him.

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People seem to have felt truly sorry for her, sending postcards, letters, balloons, the and cards to her. Once the "song" is over, Katy instantly wants to know who was playing the guitar.

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This page was last edited on 31 Mayat A separate infrared camera films the person on the dark side's reaction; the two images dating in the dark wiki combined in post-production. Drew tells Katy that he is eager to see how pretty she is on the outside, because she is beautiful on the inside. Max may comfort Kate after the class telling her she'll always be there for her and also confront Victoria with her video of Kate.

Principal Wells sent her an email wishing her a speedy recovery.

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After a few tense moments, Drew comes out and they share a hug and a kiss. John counters with an offer to thumb wrestle. Taylor had sent her pretty tulips. Kate asks to spend time with Max later on. Kate was caught on camera kissing several strangers, and recalls none of it due to the drugs.

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Provided that Kate survives the events of Episode 2, Max and Chloe will visit her in the hospital before going to the Prescott Dormitory to look for Nathan. Her kate dating sent her a postcard to give her hope, while her Aunt sent her a letter condemning her actions in the video. She will then jump off the roof like she did in Episode 2. He talks about a rally in her honor, and tries to offer her help.