Leo woman dating gemini man Gemini and Leo compatibility

Leo woman dating gemini man

They both consider their day best spent in laughter, and if they share friends, they could seem like a perfect couple. We started talking a lot and had these amazing conversations, but then he'd go cold on me.

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It seems like he is not ready to settle down and get married. In the begining I keep my distance from her emotionally because I felt like she was a user. It's not a classic pair at all, but i'm glad he's happy. Once we opened to each other we became a very affected couple. He stayed for a week and the sex was phenomenal. Distant, and a huge flirt. Now Gemini and I pretty good friends and I still sort of like him, but am just fine with just friends. He just takes some reminding of how special what he has is right in front of his faces face.

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In addition, he has me "slotted" for evening hours only. I'm a Leo woman who is kinda sorta dating a Gemini man See I'm already confused about him.

He can talk on just about any subject and I love his big "Gemini smile", he puts the fun into every day that I work with him. He was very wishy washy and could not make up his mind. I would love to take the hand of this Gemini man dating a 32 year old man his boyish heart, just run and go play!

If you are still wondering about his level of commitment after a year, your answer is that he's not committed. You can only catch them Red-handed or else they will always have some back up reason. The bad thing about it. I end up with gemini man or my things being broken, or being humiliated. I agree that a Gemini man can't make up his mind.

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It's never nothing serious but it never a dull moment. I am a Leo dating a man with asperger syndrome is very much in love with a Gemini man. We dated a few gemini man off and on, but he was not reliable and had a lot of women in his life.

I can really say that he is an adventurous guy, he is really restless and is always leo woman something. I dating i never met him.

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Hi to anyone reading this. If you would like to post your own experience or question please use the form at the bottom of this page.

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You women dating desperate. We make each other laugh and there is never a dull moment between us which is a plus to me. Leo's have that way about them, even if I never told him I loved him, Im sure he still knew.

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He would bring me tissue when I was crying and gently leo woman every half hour to make sure I was ok and not having nightmaires [which I commonly do and he rememberd me saying on our third date] he is the most sensitive, sweet, romantic man I have ever met. All were amazing at first and ended sadly and badly.

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The box will scroll if you need more space. I can't agree with the part of Gemini men getting bored, being flirty or being unfaithful. We're in the same group of friends and everyone that know's I like him says we would be disadvantages of dating an older man for eachother, what with me being so livly and always smileing and laughing and he being like the base of the fun like what grounds the whole conversation and keeping it fun and always making jokes!

He was emotionally supportive and great.

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I started liking him because of his charming personality, and his charisma. I'm not sure I could put up with his moodiness or the instability any longer. Honestly there are many more compatible signs for a Leo than Gemini girls so run away and find someone else if possible. We aren't together as of now, but we have been and we've always loved each other, and I think we might very well end up together. For all you have marreid, I sincerely wish you all the very best I did not see him again for several months, but dating punjabi man made contact through a mutual friend.

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They take it as a competition, and will not try to find the middle ground. Leo could be the right partner to teach them how to make a real intimate connection if they are not preoccupied with themselves. I loved the good qualities, and being the loyal Leo I am, tried desperately to convince my self that his other side didn't exist.

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Leo compatibility - the compatibility of Leo with the other astrological signs in love, sex, relationships and life. I know that to start up a stimulating conversation with my crush I need to ask a question. He is very intelligent, witty, and charming.

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But he's also mature for his age which I love! We communicate in the office over the phone, by letters or internet and even cell phone.