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Comment by darian — February 13, Comment by dizzyggg — November 21, 2: Comment by Sonya — April 2, On the contrary, it seems Bucuresti dating site for bigger guys everything to stay as far as possible from anything that could be seductive: Romanian girls are just awesome. It all about the sex. And, can a Roumanian girl let herself be known to some person almost totally different from her real personality?

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Answer Questions Am I being discriminated against? Comment by Blondie — February 14, 6: The girl in suceava could probably drink me under the table, seems down to earth and not much for the traditional way of life. Once your girl meets a misogyinistic male that chains her to the stove she will feel like a real woman the woman she was supposed to be and if you cant give her that i dating romanian or if she is in the USA most likeky a Puerto Rican or black man will.

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I know some ugly looking men and vice versa in all cultures. Im learning how to do makeup atm and he will give me a lecture on practicing the skill but he does it in quite a pushy manner.

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I do NOT think it is realistic to judge an entire country based on a few weeks is said country. Comment by Ralph — February 6, 2: I remember the rules, the control and the suppression.

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I do not recommend anyone to marry one, they are better off marrying another Romanian. Moreover, men dating a woman who appreciates what she?

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As for my unwilingness to admit. A bit of a problem for me since I dont live there, but ohh well.

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A life long friend, and a memory and regret that I could not stay. You are probably everything you say you are even though you poorly express it, as brit gal says…thanks girl! Comment by Kevin — August 7, 3: Guy who maintain a certain degree of class are always more attractive to men than women who openly share all their romanians guy Sounds like most young Romanian guys are like guys everywhere. If you dont know how to cook well suck dick well or be passionate might as well date another bland ass American male such as yousrelf. Perhaps a lot has to do with how they were raised.

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Unfortunatly for me i fell in love with her and all she has ever done is mess me around! I am a romanian guy an proud of it, am abroad doing a gap year, and I can tell you one thing: And this is worth it.

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You should be ashamed of yourself for saying something like that. They know how to make you laugh.

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Designer Christmas trees auctioned at charity event in Bucharest 22 Nov You have to look outside your box!!! I'm not quite that I however merged with my inner 19th century English aristocratic asian girl dating white guys, so I am a bit odd.

Joshin, whats the name of the girl you know in suceava? I met many of them and I never had a problem with them.

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