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She don't understand american dating british guy shoes. Whether they are good or bad for the society and race is highly debatable.

Have a language-related question? Another problem will be that I do not know how to speak malay. I am a guy who always communicate when i am in a relationship, but shes not, she's always kept all the malay guy dating chinese girl with herself, that's sucks, but i dont want to force her doing anything that shes not comfortable with.

But of course 22 year old guy dating 16 year old didn't make any move because I know it prolly won't end well due to religion issue.

So now I'm just looking for advice to help me with my I problem The amazing part was that my great, great grandmother was actually a muslim but she left the muslim religion to be with a chinese man.

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Marriage but only partial family approval Trapped or not? Blame or Thank God for the internet age we will forever have to put up malay guy dating chinese girl nincompoops and their ad-hominem blogs! Have you wondered in this 3 years, you can better yourself to what degree without her presence.

My fren was recently commenting abt how more n more Indian guys have started dating Chi gals cos they think their status will be improved.

Khuik Oku says:

You see, at least you are all Asians. Hey I just happen to pass by this blog.

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Sorry for the long post, i just felt like sharing my story and you guys can share yours as well Religion issue sucks!! Since that day, she avoided me and don't want to talk to me anymore. People against this will argue with me that no. When a chinese man gets together with a malay woman, the concern is that he may lead her astray.

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Probably my main charm is i could speak Mandarin lol. You mean you like a girl because she like you first? Get your blood dirty? There ws once, i ws joking wth a female fren about dating caucasian guys. Show posts by this member only Post 4.

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Only yourself to blame then. By that time, i dont have a job, i was selling food in bazaar ramadhan and money are very tight, but in the end i decided to give her some of the profit i made during bazaar.

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As a chinese I respect u, think the other way, this is now part of your sweet memories. What do you believe about God, our existence as humans, our purpose for having been created? Then i ask for her number and she gave it to me: Of course, if you cannot wait, then its too bad.

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N I found tis topic interesting. Alright, so this girl was not doing well in her relationship all the while with other guys, until she met this malay guy during work.

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I began to wonder the rationale behind this statement. All of his colleagues and friends know about our relationship and same goes to my part. With her, you keep paying her money and increasing your debt.