Yonghwa and seohyun dating 2012 Yonghwa addresses dating rumors with Seohyun & Park Shin Hye + reveals his ideal woman

Yonghwa and seohyun dating 2012

Just right after Yonghwa finished his sentence, a beautiful figure with dark long wavy hair came to the scene.

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We barely got time together. But it turned out that she just thought about how will it impact our carreer.


Yah, I wish I could get a hold of these netizens! We hope for your understanding.

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Kim Gu Ra brought up the dating scandal first, saying that people wondered if the two were actually dating because they worked together so well on 'We Got Married. If Yongseo is not real, the rumours wouldn't be here.

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Also he will be turn to be 30 in a few years, so most of them think that it is natural for him to find someone whom he want to get married. Seohyun is not completely lying. And just like that, the press conference ended with Yonghwa and Seohyun took some photos in front of the journalists, with their wedding ring lingers at their figers.

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We made great efforts to make us look like a dating couple in the show. Kyuhyun picked Seohyun as his ideal type among the Girls Generation members when the ladies guest "Radio Star" in It's sad to see datings 2012 of people talking about "Maybe Yonghwa and Seohyun are just secretly dating" and then somebody comes along and says back "Stop being mentally insane they're not dating he belongs with PSH".

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It is time for him to focus on his business instead of dating with a girl. Yes, Yonghwa already be recognized as a great idol-turned actor — despite his bad performances and critics in his ealy days —, thanks dating and courting gods way his awesome act in Hongkong blockbuster movie back in And I must thanked Seohyun for waiting me that long and still keep her faith in me.


I thought it's really obvious Yonghwa isn't dating Seohyun. If I really had to wait until to see them married to each other How come he could endure not smiling like this, this whole time? There is no rumor that Yong-Hwa is dating with someone at the moment. People said, " Who is he to give her a signed CD?

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Yonghwa's a smart guy. K-pop couple with year age gap open up about romance. It's already hurting many other idols and it shouldn't matter who they date since we as fans should just support ; them.

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To increase the stock? Lol he's said Kim Yuna is his ideal type a couple times already hahaha boy, I don't blame ya.

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He seems to have a firm belief about his marriage that he should avoid getting married in a hurry, so he will enjoy his single life for the time being. I'm matchmaking by name and date of birth inferring that Yonghwa is dating Shinhye, I mean, Yonghwa even directly addressed that he is "not dating Seohyun".

Seohyun, however, referred to Kyuhyun as "just a close oppa" while Kyuhyun said that she never saw them as women but just as younger sisters.

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The two A-listers have been dating since September In addition, Yonghwa chose figure skater Kim Yuna as his ideal type saying, " Even looking at appearance alone, I like someone like Kim Yuna. Any girl group stans?

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I might die from happiness. However, Young-Hwa denied their romantic relationship when appearing in the variety show.

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But that doesn't mean we need to post negative things to the opposite pairing and try to twist words and make more of these fake "scandals". And then they retaliate back with their own negative comments So, Seohyun could bear be left by Yoghwa to the army? Shin Chang Hoon Tel: He was born and raised in Busan, South Korea. Look at Adam couple and Khuntoria, no news about them and a couple for years now.